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During summer holidays I created this little project but I soon couldn’t handle the big interest in this website on my own anymore. Luckily I got support by a little group of people who clearly knew why mac sucks ! How ever, we believe this website is meant for more and due to the lack of time we are selling it.


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Microsoft Surface vs iPad

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Windows tablets and iPads

Published on October 29th, 2012 by in The truth

Hello everyone!

With the recent release of Windows 8, a slew of Windows RT tablets have been announced, including the Microsoft Surface RT. While, perhaps at one time far in the past, Apple had the only viable tablet, it is no longer true. Windows tablets are breaking the border of laptop and tablet and come with a few neat features that you really cannot find on an iPad.

Take for example, the Microsoft Surface. It has a detachable typing cover, so that it could be, perhaps, your laptop at some times or, when you remove it, just a tablet at others. I really like the concept of having a full laptop in the form factor of a tablet. What sets it apart, however, is the Microsoft Office software it comes with. It essentially makes it way ahead for any type of real work production over Apple. When you throw in a full USB port that can be used for a mouse…well…yeah. With an SD card slot and USB port, it also allows easy expansion of storage, instead of paying Apple another hundred dollars for a few gigs.



New page author/admin

Published on October 18th, 2012 by in The truth

Good day all.

My name is Joseph. I will be posting on this page under the name S-117.

I, like the founder of the page, have grown to have a significant distaste towards Apple through the course of various events. In my younger years, I too fell into the trap of seeing Apple devices as perfect. They were trendy, seemed so fast, and just looked pretty awesome overall. After time, however, I used iPods of all types, an iPhone, a slew of Macs (never owned one, but I had access to several at my leisure for a year or so) and I kept up with the PC and Android worlds. By the time I hit high school, Apple was dead to me. I realized that the prices that are asked by Apple for such underpowered, restricted devices was monumental. There was absolutely no reason to get one. Then I started meeting new friends and slowly built my reputation as the ultimate Apple anti-fanboy. I have worked hard to turn away numerous people from purchasing iPhones or Macs and not a single one has ever expressed dissatisfaction with their choice. In fact, most, if not all, have directly commented on how much better their new devices are.



whymacsucks is looking for another author

We are looking for someone who is smart enough to understand why Mac sucks. If you are interested in posting your articles/opinions/creations send an e-mail to:



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Mac OSX security myth

Apple has been dealing with a dangerous rise in malware on its security-free products by telling staff to deny that it exists.

For years, Apple has managed to get away with limited security features on its expensive products because no hacker could be bothered learning OSX to infect half a dozen users to  steal their Coldplay collection. The outfit could claim that viruses were a result of bad Microsoft programming which Jobs’ Mob did not suffer and its token virus checker only needed to look for two flavours of malware.

Now it seems that the long awaited Apple malware has started to arrive and customers are finding that their machines really can get infected, the company’s reality distortion field is still in operation.

Zdnet said that Apple is conducting an internal investigation into the Mac Defender malware attack but according to an internal memo has told its staff to neither confirm nor deny whether the customer’s Mac is infected or not.

Apparently, Applecare does not provide support for virus removal so staff should not attempt to take it off the machine.



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